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The Robot, The Unicorn & The Magical Mouse

This week, Alex and Kathy talk about Disney movies and more particularly their individual thoughts on the Live Action Remake situations.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Majestic Nerd

This week, your favorite Robot and Unicorn talk about a variety of things, including how awesome Avi did at her dance competition, before getting into pretending and performing when it comes to social media. We talk a little bit about Black Mirror too, and then move on to anxiety and how important it is to be a self advocate when working with your doctors.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Makeup

Alex is the one waiting for Kathy this time, and they are both a little loopy so we talk about makeup and our history with it, how it's affected us, and there is a little bit of Parenting Corner.

The Robot, The Unicorn & emPathy

Starting out with some microphone issues is never fun, but when we have a discussion about empathy, it makes it worth it. We talk about self awareness and how that affects our lives. There is some talk about Trump and Pence, the difference between sympathy and empathy, knowing your own worth and some tears. Yes, again. Also, hey - it’s okay to be sad!

The Robot, The Unicorn & Parties

We have our Robot and Unicorn Holiday Party a little bit late, as Kathy had some cider before and Alex drinks her Diet Coke and Vodka. Kathy talks about a Murder Mystery party that they had years ago. We also talk about which Apple Executive we would be and that leads down a rabbit hole to talking about Apple Retail and how we think it should be fixed.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Periods

Frank talk about periods, and all that that entails.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Priests & Beliefs

It’s Alex’s turn to talk about her religion and faith….but first, we talk about Avi’s birthday and Alex’s surprise PodCon trip. We do some Catholic and other Christian history, the difference between a sister and a nun, and a variety of other interesting religion discussions.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Praying & Faith

This episode starts off lighthearted and then gets deeper as we talk about Kathy’s church history, difficult conversations with children and how God is not Santa.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Posting

Your favorite robot and unicorn are back! Our systems have been upgraded and glitterfied and we’re ready to talk about all sorts of good things. Included in this episode is talk of showers, body hair and shaving, and our emotional holidays. We also have a main topic of social media - how it’s used in our lives, why we post things on social media, and how to set expectations for ourselves and others. Then they finish up the end of the podcast with a discussion about feelings in general and how they influence our decisions.