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The Robot, The Unicorn & Permits

We are wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from The Robot & The Unicorn! Enjoy some Thanksgiving talk, with a dash of The UniPiper and a dream that Kathy had.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Pants

Your robot and unicorn get really riled up about pants and pockets. Lots of frustration and swearing involved….we also get frustrated with androgynous clothing and dress codes at school. We also talk a little bit about holidays…but don’t worry, we’ll get into it fully next week!

The Robot, The Unicorn & Publishing

To distract ourselves from the election that was happening, we talk about all sorts of things: Kathy’s book she just published and what makes a book, our love for Julia Roberts, terrible Valley Girl accents, sexism in business books and they finish by watching a concept trailer for a movie about the Miracle Morning story together.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Penguins

In the first 5 minutes, Alex confirms her super taster-ness and Kathy went on the Oregon Trail. Additionally, we discuss the outdoors, there is a surprising amount of penguin talk and personal promotion. We also end the show with HILARIOUS and FUNNY BRAIN BUSTERS. Because we are super funny personalities, friends.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Back From Disney

Alex surprises Kathy and they talk about Disney. Warning: there is a LOT of Disney talk.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Backstories

Alex and Kathy recorded this episode before Kathy's trip to we talk about when Kathy worked at Walt Disney World and their college histories as well!

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Bad Days

Let's talk about bad days with our robot and unicorn: how we deal with them, coping mechanisms to get through them and the proper way to use hashtags.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Buffet of Topics

With Alex and Kathy playing through a busy week, a quiet book drop, a discussion of the Golden Girls, the new iPhones, Referral Links, amazing shows and the fact that you can like shows and still find them problematic.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Buddies

This week, Alex and Kathy are joined by some buddies while recording LIVE at the XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon. We identify whether our buddies are robots or unicorns (or a cyborg). We talk about another buddy Myke Hurley, conferences, serial killers, what makes this year’s XOXO different, and the PacMan method.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Backpacks

This week, Alex has a kick ass evil laugh, then Alex and Kathy talk about the XOXO Festival, learning how to type, backpacks, water, soccer momming, periods, and princesses. They also coin “Friend of Life” and have multiple tangents that will turn into full episodes in the future.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Bristling Anxiety

This week, we talk about creativity until we talk about anxiety and friendships. It's time for Kathy to get vulnerable this time.

The Robot, The Unicorn & Body Image

Alex and Kathy talk about a very happy and upbeat conversation about Body Image! We delve into how pregnancy affects bodies, thin privilege, and bras. Also, forgive Kathy's audio because she is a magical unicorn who managed to magically unplug her microphone without realizing it until after the podcast was recorded.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Books

We introduce a new segment called Alex's Apology Alcove, discuss the Gig Economy, a Total Media Blackout, and books. Lots of books. All the best books. And by best, we mean the worst. The worst ones that are still amazing.

The Robot, The Unicorn & The Bedtimes

In this first episode, Alex Cox and Kathy Campbell explain why they've created this podcast, how they wake up and when they go to bed.